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Welcome to RuneScript's command documentation center. RuneScript is constantly expanding and coming out with new features. Each command is fully documented with all possible command syntax variations and detailed examples of the command in action. Each page also contains a brief overview of the command and information on how to change its settings. Remember you can also access quick help directly from the bot by using the !help command.

Lists of the exp values and levels currently used by RuneScript are available on the skills page. These are completely free to use, but they may contain the occasional error. If you stumble upon one please do not hesistate to report it.

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Featured Article: Skill Planner

Built-In Skill Planner

!<skill>-plan allows you to see how much exp you would gain from doing something a certain amount of times.

Syntax: !<skill>-plan [RSN] <number> <item>


<Cowman_133> !agil-plan 170 gnome course
-RuneScript- *** [ AGILITY PLAN ]: [Cowman 133] Original Level: 67 (548,055exp) | Exp gain of 170 Gnome Course: 14,705exp (86.5ea) | Final Level: 67 (562,760exp) | Exp needed for 68: 42,272exp (489 Gnome Course)
<Cowman_133> !fletch-plan MysticTiger 500 yew shieldbow
-RuneScript- *** [ FLETCHING PLAN ]: [Mystictiger] Original Level: 87 (4,076,460exp) | Exp gain of 500 yew shieldbow: 75,000exp (150ea) | Final Level: 87 (4,151,460exp) | Exp needed for 88: 234,316exp (1,563 yew shieldbow)
This command's settings may be changed with !set skillplan.

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